CFI Tools
Flight Recorder

The Flight Recorder App is used to record and analyze flights.

The recording is drawn as both a ground track over a map and a profile.

The time, altitude, speed and course can be viewed for each saved location. Locations are saved approximately once per second.

Recordings can easily be shared using with an iPad, iPhone, Mac or PC. Three shared formats are available Flight Recorder for sharing with other devices that have the Flight Recorder App, KML for 3D viewing on Google Earth and CSV for analysis in a spreadsheet application.

Recordings can be colorized to show variation in altitude, speed and accuracy.

The Flight Recorder App is available on iPad/iPhone and Android.

See some sample recordings in the screen shots below.





Here are a few samples of the KML files viewed in 3D with Google Earth

Approach and Landing at Leesburg Executive Airport KJYO

The track shown is an approach from the west.

Left 45, Downwind, Base and Final for Runway 35

Rectangular Course and Steep Turns in the practice Area

CFII Check Ride

Diamond DA-20 C1 Falcon N391JA
Near Harper’s Ferry, WV