The Purpose of Web Tools

Web tools allow you to add content to a website. A web tool is a web interface that enables persons with minimal technical know-how to perform actions of creating and modifying content on a website. The possibilities for web tools are infinite.

Web Development Tools

Web development tools are included as browser add-ons or as built-in features within web browsers. Most of the popular, well-known browsers have built-in tools. These built-in web tools help web developers. Many additional add-ons are found where web tools are used.

Many popular web browsers have browser add-ons and built-in features in their web browsers. For example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer all have these web development tools built-in to their web browsers.

A Few Web Tools and their Functions

Susy” is a Sass-based layout toolkit. This tool offers customizable features that will suit the needs of any layout or project.

Shoelace” is a Bootstrap 3 visual, easy-to-use grid builder. This web tool features responsive media views and a functional preview for projects.

SMACSS” contains a whole lot of ideas to structure small or large projects. There is no need to install or download anything. This website does include a free downloadable e-book for studying and reading.

Webpack” is a JavaScript module bundler. This web tool enables JavaScript files to be small and focused. Webpack will then bundle all the small files into one minified JavaScript file. This can then be included on the website or application.

React” is a popular library of Facebook that includes a virtual DOM. Optional JSX syntax is also available. The reusable components will help anyone to build dynamic web applications. React has a JavaScript framework that is used to build interactive user interfaces. Facebook uses this in all its applications and websites.

These are only a very few of the web tools available and used by web developers. Web development tools enable web developers to work with a wide variety of technologies. Some of these web technologies include HTML, DOM, JavaScript, the DOM, and other components that are used by the web browser to function.