Web Application Development

Building or developing a web application is the process that involves defining problems and finding solutions for those problems. Solutions might include choosing a tool, adopting a framework, and then building a web application that interacts with users.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is unlike programs that run as part of the Operating System (OS) of a computer and is computer-based software. Web applications run on a web server and use application software.

Users gain access to a web application through a web browser on an active Internet Network connection. Web applications are programmed for easy access by users and use a client-server structure. These application services are provided by an off-site server that provides services to third-party hosts.

Examples of Web Applications

Web applications that are used daily include online retail sales, online banking, webmail, online auctions, and many others. You can also find a multitude of gaming applications as well as online casino gaming applications.

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Structure of a Web Application

Applications consist of different tiers that are assigned a role. Traditionally, applications consist of only one tier which will reside on the client’s web server. However, web applications naturally lend themselves to a more tiered approach. Many variations are possible, but a three-tiered application is most common.

The three tiers will be presentation, application, and storage. The web browser will be the first tier, the second or middle tier contains dynamic web content technology. The third tier is a database that offers storage.