Web development is that part of building a website that is not visible, but ensures that the website looks great, performs well, and reacts fast to browsers’ requests. This behind-the-scenes work will ensure a seamless user experience. It will draw browsers back to the website to do more business there.

What is Web Development?

Developing a website generally refers to tasks that are associated with building a website to be hosted on the Internet. The development includes the processes of web design, client-side/server-side scripting, web content development, and the network’s security configuration.

Web development includes all the actions needed to manage and maintain a website. This includes all the required building, all the following updates, ensuring good performance, optimal speed, and an excellent user experience.

What is Web Design?

Web design is part of web development. Web design refers mostly to the features that are displayed on the website on the Internet. Web design focus on first appearances for browsers and a good user experience. These aspects can include the layout of content, the colors, font, and images.

Web designers have to ensure that a website is aesthetically pleasing, contains the information that suits the brand or business, and is easy to use.

A Bit of History

In earlier models of applications on computers, the processing load for an application was shared between the server and each client’s computer locally. This meant that an application had to be installed on each and every user’s personal computer.

When upgrades needed to be done on the server, they also needed to be done at each workstation and personal computer linked to the server. These factors added to the technical support costs and decreased productivity.

The server components of applications and the client were tightly bound to the Operating System and the particular architecture of the computer. All of these facts made these earlier web applications more expensive.

However, from 1995, coding and scripting language started to change, allowing web developers and programmers to add more dynamic elements to applications. Several different scripting languages can be used to create web applications.